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The Mastering Factory is Eindhoven's go-to-mastering studio. Founded by Paul Matthijs Lombert and operated by Jelle Goossens it is located on Strijp-S, the old Philips mainstay close to downtown Eindhoven.

The studio occupies the original MFB reference room in the old Appliances Factory, which has been updated to today's acoustic standards with an acoustic design by Kees Neervoort. 

We master sound for music, film and broadcast. That means we will make it sound great, balanced and up to today's loudness and dynamics standards, delivered in the file format you need. We work closely together with the client to achieve the wanted result, be it pop music, ambient or speech. We also do audio restoration.


Our Engineer

The Mastering Factory - Jelle portrait

Jelle Goossens
Jelle has a background in arts and music. He understands the creative process and choices well and being a longtime musician himself he can easily relate to the wishes and needs of his clients. Jelle has always had an obsession for detail in sound and technology. He utilizes that in his mastering work, without losing sight of the bigger picture.


Our Clients

Music Dexter Saint Jock, GMTA, Yellow Grass, LQR, Sunra, ROO, Cloak, The Gathering, exm, Minus The Tiger, Sabbardeya, BMI Goes India, Antonis Pratsinakis, Babalong, Dienarren, Eva Sur Seine, The Information, Losco Beats, Exit Clause, Erik Verhoef, Bow, 2CV, Mannheim, Kadinsky, Nobody Beats The Drum, Fourteen Twentysix, Lamme Frans, Herman van Veen
Corporate Over De Streep, FIFpro, Discovery Channel, The Quany Brothers.

...and more!


Our Gear


The Mastering Factory is a high-end studio with a mix of analog and digital outboards, suited for both music and sound to picture.

Gear includes ATC Mains, Dolby Lake crossovers, Lynx converters, TC 6000 & Digital Domain processing, Manley, Avalon, Vertigo, Nightpro & TK Audio outboard, Avid, Sonnox, Massey & FabFilter digital tools and DK Audio & Dorrough metering.                                      


The Mastering Factory - Jelle @ work
The Mastering Factory - gear close-up

Our Services and Pricing

Inhouse mastering
You're welcome to master inhouse with us at our high end studio in Eindhoven. Coffee, comfy couch and conversations included. We can achieve that amazing result together!

Single track: €60
Reduction with each extra track
Full-length album: contact for quote

Online Mastering
Relax and let us do all the work. Just upload your file(s) and have them returned mastered. First revisions are free of charge and easily done via the web. So is a mix check upfront.

Revisions: free
Mix check: free

We can handle the entire mastering process including file delivery and ddp creation for pressing cd or vinyl. Wav's are free of charge and so are mp3/flac/MFiT, whatever you need!

DDP: €60
All file formats: 
Accessible online server system

*All prices are excluding BTW/VAT. BTW/VAT applies to every Dutch customer and EU client without a VAT number.
No VAT is applied to EU clients with a valid VAT number and clients outside of the EU. 


Don't hesitate to contact us with your questions, to have a chat or to get a price quote.


You'll  find the  studio on the second floor of the Apparatenfabriek, Torenallee 26, 5617 BD, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Parking lots are available as is public transport. From Eindhoven station take buses 16, 18, 401 or 402 to Strijp-S or you can walk 5 min from Eindhoven Beukenlaan station.


The Mastering Factory
Apparatenfabriek 26, 5617 BD
Eindhoven,  The Netherlands
+31 (0) 6 34 08 60 02


The Mastering Factory - outside