I like to agree on a fixed price upfront for most projects. Mix checks are free. Revisions are free of charge within reason (meaning no going back and forth and you should give clear feedback), and so are wav's and mp3's. Mastered For iTunes-ready files cost a bit extra on top of the song price. Full albums give a 10% reduction. You can also use the online order form or use it to calculate the price here

Please contact me for a quote if you have a sound to picture project or anything that isn’t a song :)


1 song €60,-
2 songs €110,-
3 songs €160,-
4 songs €205,-
5 songs €250,-
6 songs €295,-
7 songs €340,-
8 songs €380,-
9 songs €420,-
10 songs €460,-
11 songs €500,-
12 songs €540,-
13 songs €575,-
13 songs €600,-
... got more songs? €25,- for every additional track
… song over 7:00? €25,- extra


Sequencing & Delivery (DDP) €55,- per album
Vinyl master free at the moment!
Redbook CD Master €150,- includes proofing
Wav's, MP3's free
MFiT €5,- per track


Rerun with a new mix €20,- per track
Remaster with a new mix €40,- per track


€90,- excl. VAT*

*All prices are excluding VAT. VAT is 21% and applies to every Dutch customer and EU client without a VAT number. No VAT is applied to EU clients with a valid VAT number and clients outside of the EU. Prices are in euros.