The Mastering Factory offers online and attended mastering. IT is operated by Jelle Goossens and located on Strijp-S, the old Philips mainstay close to downtown Eindhoven.

The studio occupies the original MFB reference room in the old Appliances Factory, which has been updated to today's acoustic standards with an acoustic design by Kees Neervoort. 

Jelle has a background in arts and music. He understands the creative process and choices well and being a longtime musician himself he can easily relate to the wishes and needs of his clients. Jelle has always had an obsession for detail in sound and technology. He utilizes that in his mastering work, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Working closely together with the client, he will make your music sound great, balanced and up to today's loudness and dynamics standards, delivered in the file format you need. Stem mastering and audio restoration services are also available.


Gear list

  • speakers
    atc scm 300 a (modified) x2
    hypex dlcp (crossover/management)
    akg k872

  • amplifiers
    hypex ucd 400 x4
    hypex ncore 400 x2

  • converters & interfaces
    lynx hilo
    rme adi-4 dd
    arturia audiofuse

  • routing
    manley labs mastering backbone

  • metering
    tc electronic lm6d
    dk audio msd-600 jellyfish
    dorrough 40-c x2
    izotope insight

  • digital processing
    tc electronic system 6000 mk2
    w/ stereo mastering
    w/ surround reverb
    w/ reverb 8
    digital domain dd-2 k-stereo
    slate digital
    sonnox supresser
    eiosis e²deesser
    massey l-2007

  • analog processing
    avalon design 2055
    manley labs massive passive (mv)
    nightpro eq3-d (modified)
    vertigo vsc-2 tk audio bc1 (mv)
    sound skulptor sts

  • software
    pro tools 12
    ableton live 10
    soundblade 2 se & le
    izotope rx

  • computer
    custom-built i7 silent computer
    27" touch-screen
    griffin technology powermate